Zero to Software/Application Architect - Course Series

This series consisting of four courses educates you step by step on software architecture & system design, taking you right from having no knowledge on it to becoming a pro in designing large scale distributed systems like YouTube, Netflix, Google Stadia & so on.

With this architecture series not only you'll be interview-ready for your system design interview rounds but you also develop a solid foundation on the topic becoming a better software engineer as a whole.

The courses in this series help you understand various architectures, technology stacks, their trade-offs & why they are used in the industry. You also get to understand common scenarios & issues that high traffic services have to deal with such as distributed locking, high-frequency transactions, data consistency, thundering herd problem, efficiently managing petabyte-scale data & much more.

Course #1

Learn the fundamentals of modern web application architecture and large scale distributed systems. Learn to pick the right architecture & technology stack. Understand the technology trade-offs involved when designing web applications & more!

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Course #2

Understand the physical infrastructure on which our apps are deployed. Understand how clusters work, how server nodes communicate with each other in a cluster to scale our workload and the data in real-time, code deployment workflow & much more! 

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Course #3

Understand the techniques, technology & the intricacies of managing petabyte scale data, that almost all of the large scale applications have to deal with in today's application development landscape.

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Course #4

Applying all the concepts learnt in the above courses, learn to design both large scale compute-intensive & data-intensive applications like YouTube, Netflix, Slack, Gmail, Google Stadia & more!!

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